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Hi everyone!


I would like to introduce a new forum game - Riddles & Puzzles!


Rules are simple:


1. One person makes a riddle or puzzle and we are trying to solve it.

2. The one who gives a correct answer can make a new riddle or puzzle.


If it's too hard, author can give a hint to help us.

If we're getting stuck for too long we will most likely continue the game without solving the riddle.


Let's try and see if it's entertaining enough!

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assuming that she knows binary code i would think she converts the head and number to 0 and 1. now she toss the coin 2 times. she can get 00, 01, 10, and 11. 00 - first dress 01 - second dre

Answer is 100 (if we assume that the images of green apples in equation 2 & 3 = 2 apples, instead of 1.5).  

is it a lie? :D

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Let me begin:




Click on the spoiler below to reveal the correct answer.



Pair of shoes - 10

Bunny - 5

Cones - 4

But attention! In the last line there is only 1 shoe and 1 cone while bunny is wearing shoes and has 2 cones in his hands.

So it will be:

5 + (5+10+4) x 2 = 43


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