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Someone banned me for "Language"

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Nickname when you were banned : AGENT_X
Admin who banned you : No clue
Why you were banned : No clue but when I join, it says you were banned for "Language".
Why you think this ban should be lifted : First of, I didn't get a warning or such so I have no idea what was offensive to begin with. A couple of days back nN|call911 (as he claimed he was;) kicked me for saying "Hackers are bitches; stop walling bitch etc.".

But now it's repeating I got the tempban yesterday for 24 hours; and today for 7 days and I don't believe I said anything offensive. One thing I might recall, there's a player with profile name "Fuhyou"; he killed me and I said "fuhyou too lol"; and that was humor lol

If that's the reason for temp banning me again, I would say someone is getting personal. But if I'm wrong pl correct me with an evidence in the given dates pl and I'll apologize given I'm at fault.


P.S. I'm too old for this so I'd appreciate this be stopped; I only offend the wallers badly and I force them to turn the hack off.



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1319203 ALL bitch waller adii Tue, 26/01/21 (08:33)

1319202 ALL idiots, spoil the fun Tue, 26/01/21 (08:32)

1319241 ALL dirty waller...... you stink Tue, 26/01/21 (08:37)

1319236 ALL bitch ass bullshit waller Tue, 26/01/21 (08:36)

1319233 ALL shooting thru walls Tue, 26/01/21 (08:36)

1319232 ALL play now bitch Tue, 26/01/21 (08:36)

1325005 ALL rado, you walling bitch? Wed, 27/01/21 (22:24)

1325011 ALL all bitches using hacks should go watch pogo Wed, 27/01/21 (22:32)



What a wonderful vocabulary


Deal of the day: since our B3 bot wasn't active during this period (or at least didn't log), your chatlog can't be verified.


Your ban is deactivated, but next time you can expect to take a long vacation


Recommend you to read the server rules here: http://noname.zone/index.php/topic/5653-nn-serverss-rules/?p=11569

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