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Minecraft 1.16.1 pre-upgrade announcement

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Hello everyone,
I would like to report on the status of our Minecraft server and developments at Mojang.
As you may know, we are still on 1.15.2 and that is because the vanilla server contains some bugs regarding world conversion.
Because everyone is eager to try the new 1.16 features, we have decided to do the following.

  • Current world (1.15.2) named 'pluto' will temporarily be disabled and inaccessible.
    Everything in this world, including your inventory, will be safe.
  • The new world (1.16.1) named 'saturn' will become available to play on, as it's freshly generated.
  • Everything else will be upgraded to 1.16

During the time that Mojang will take to patch MC-191388, you will be able to play on the new 1.16 world.
When the next bugfix of Minecraft arrives, we will enable the portal to go back to the old 1.15.2 world ('pluto'). 
If there appears to be a high demand to also play 1.15.2, we will look into making both available simultaneously.


The expected upgrade time to 1.16 is 14.30 - 15.30 CEST. After this, the patch notes will be released on the forum.



nN | Staff

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