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The Art Of Boxing

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Hello, I had a free time so I thought I could write about something interesting.


Boxing is a famous world wide sport and if you practice any martial arts then you are partly practicing boxing, because it consist all the basic moves of fighting utilizing the hands to punch & block and body & head & feet movements to evade strikes.



first time I got interested in boxing was at age of 16, despite I was so fat and weak but I was truly determined to practice this noble art.


you could practice it for many purposes as that boxing has many great benefits but I could mention few of them:

  • Self-confidence: boxing gives you the feeling of dominance and strength, even when you attend any place you have a special presence...also the confidence that comes with the fighting mentality to take on any life challenge with positive attitude.
  • inner-peace: boxing releases all the good feelings of relaxation and happiness, sometimes after workout I feel like I just had a spiritual awakening experience :D
  • Overall Strength: boxing literally moves every muscles in your body, every punch you throw actually generates it's power from your toes movement up to your shoulder due to the twist motion...imagine doing this for 10 mins, I bet you are going to burn a lot of fat and build a hell of endurance to scalp your muscles.
  • Motivation: it gives you motivation to keep grinding and to stay on track because you already feel the reward after the workout, instantly you are going to feel amazing.
  • Self-defense: obvious,right?

Boxing is so simple and easy to practice anywhere, I've been practicing it for many years in my room ( I did learn from youtube ).. all you got to do is to understand the basics and practice the basics by doing what we call in the sport "Shadow Boxing" which simply means you are punching the air.. I have done this many times when I am working outside and people would think I am a maniac haha :D.


The basics:

1- The Guard: you don't want to lose a teeth,right ? just raise both of your arms in a L shape and imagine like you are making a gate to not let anyone enter :D



2- punching: in boxing we have only 3 punches and they are the straights and the hooks and the uppercuts  but with variation it could go up to 20 if you wish but they all go back to the same essence, straights [ jab - cross] hooks [left hook - right hook] uppercuts [left - right].




3- footwork: you need to move in order to control the distance so you can land the punches and evade the strikes of your opponent, but it took me few years to get a grip over this part so don't mind it in the beginning.


4- stance: stand by the side and bend your knees a little and round your shoulders and back... keep the guard up for sure ^_^





now how can you practice boxing without a partner or even do it in your own room ? shadowboxing ^_^ 

so as a beginner workout you could throw 50 jab and 50 cross straight with the intention of mastering them... then imagine that you are fighting with someone with only the jab and the cross for 1 min.. can you knock him out ?



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