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Alright everybody,


I'm sure many of you are already familiar with the tactics and even some of you had better tactics for killing the campers that I'm going to talk about. Anyway, I'm free atm and got in mind to share something with you guys, i'm a terrible player btw


Below are the two entry level campers,




Without wasting any time I would like to show you the best spot(according to me) to kill these guys. Please check the spots in the provided maps in the right part of each image(if you fail to recognize the spots). Please note that sometimes you'll not see the camper directly but your bullets def. will ;)


Take #1

Just enters the building while laying down on the ground reach the spot as shown in the image.




Take #2





I know some of the readers will say there's nothing new but still I just got free time to write something. I'm new here atleast this way I'll learn how to write posts with images xD. Some another day, I'll see the guys shown below




If you had your own tactic which you think is better, you should reply ;) and help me.


Thank you so much for reading.

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great topic buddy !

well my way of taking down campers is rushing from the one side of the map to the other using the sides of the map and killing as many as possible before im taken down.

works perfectly if u played the game long enough to know the rush routes, spots etc. You also gonna need a decent movement to be able to do that.

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