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  1. i really love this mod :)
  2. reverse flash :bigsmile: sun or moon?
  3. Nickname(s) In-game : [-|-] TeddyReal name (optional) : SamuelAge : 23Location (country) : Germany Games that you play on : Cod4, Bf 4, The CrewWhich nN| server(s) are you playing on ? : Killhouse TDM HC, Shipment TDM HC, TDM HC, Rifle & SniperGUID (only last 8-digit) : 2db4e35eHow many hours do you play on our servers in average ? : 10-20 per weekWhy do you want to join us ? : i like you guys, it's an awesome community and we have a lot of fun togetherWhy should we accept you/ What can you bring us / Which is your personal talent ? : We are friends, i'm a nice person, a good player and
  4. maybe next time try again finny ;)
  5. nono :D i think next will be mad
  6. nope :P now its time for sub
  7. soup bubbles or cotton candy?
  8. i ban lancester because i didn't see him for a while :D
  9. nono now i'm in this game too :D next will be mad
  10. Your GUID : 125acbc4 Nickname when you were banned : [-|-] Teddy Admin who banned you : nN Flu' Why you were banned : no recoil Why you think this ban should be lifted : i didnt use no recoil. i dont even need hacks. you can watch demo of the session: demo0163.dm_1
  11. svchost.exe takes much memory when windows search for updates. Maybe it will solve your problem if you deactivate automatic updates
  12. Well now its my turn :D http://fs2.directupload.net/images/150622/u4smyu9v.jpg
  13. Teddy

    Hey guys

    Hi im Teddy known as KB] Teddy or [-|-] Teddy and i like playing cod4 :D Im sure we will have a lot of fun together :inlove:
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