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  1. A merry Christmas to all, and a very happy new year. I hope that all the old ones that I knew are well, I give you big kisses. I hope you are all nice to my grandpa, sub :cool2: best wishes to you.
  2. Joyeux Anniversaire papy, désole du retard mais tu c'est bien avec les merde, j'ai plus eu internet :p
  3. Happy Birthday Kevinos!

  4. Happy Birthday Kevinos!

  5. Happy Birthday Kevinos!

  6. Happy Birthday Kevinos!

  7. This message comes when you want to connect to a server with a different version. You have the right exe, but not good .ff
  8. default to the creation of the account ;)
  9. Hello, I introduce myself, most of you know me, my nickname is Kevinos I am Belgian I have 21 years. and I came to say hello to old friends. how are you?
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