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  1. Happy Birthday AurA!

  2. Happy Birthday AurA!

  3. Happy Birthday AurA!

  4. Happy Birthday AurA!

  5. AurA

    Join nN| #64 Event!

    Whooo Deathrunnnn !!!!
  6. Happy Birthday AurA!

  7. Happy Birthday AurA!

  8. AurA

    Im AurA.

    basically i say ar51 about 4 times so yea
  9. AurA

    Im AurA.

    Im AurA. (or Brandon). Im A 16 year old Graphics Designer and Gamer from the United Kingdom. Some people May know who i am from AR51. So haii :P. i know there are a few mates i know from ar51 who went over to Nn because of reasons that i dont know. maybe they got bored of ar51. im not to tell false reasons. so idk. i hope to those of you who i do know ingame. i dont know what servers there are but ill have a look. just incase ar51 does go to down for some reason ill be on here. -AurA
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