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  1. Happy Birthday aMa!

  2. Happy Birthday aMa!

  3. Happy Birthday aMa!

  4. Gr8, I'll try to find you on the nN steam group
  5. Hey guys ! It's been a while since my last topic... I mean years... But Nevermind ! Maybe some of you will remember me, for the others I'm aMa, I was a CoD4 player in nN long time ago. I just wanted to ask some of you if you are disposed to play Rocket league. I'm currently Diamond3 in 3vs3 standard section, and I don't think I can rank up to Champ in solo queue. That's why i'm looking for funny teammates, who will not be salty or toxic like people we can meet in RL... If we are approximatively the same rank, or if you are not ranked anymore but still knowing some mechanics of this game,
  6. Happy Birthday aMa!

  7. Happy Birthday aMa!

  8. Busy with school, soz for not being present...

    1. Substanz


      real life first ! work hard and make us proud

    2. Runny
  9. aMa


    I'll try to upload skins as soon as possible...
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