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  1. Saw you on the crossfire server the other day. Good luck buddy
  2. Yes I know, Account can be worth as much as €210 to the right buyer, but I am going well underneeth that.
  3. Hello to anyone visiting this topic, I am selling my lvl 30 unranked LOL account with Hextech Annie on it. Skins: Hextech Annie Dunkmaster Darius The Mighty Jax Bittersweet Lulu I am only asking money for the hextech annie, the others are just an extra ;) If you are interested send me a PM, and we will negotiate the price and I will send proof of the account. Kind regards, SmoG
  4. Black Ops 2, but then the original version (with better graphics) and not changed like in cod4 remastered. In my opinion the best cod ever made (maybe MW3 will contest that but that doesn't matter)
  5. First time in years that I am hyped about a COD
  6. I want to wish my brother a happy birthday! He is not online much anymore but he still is here ;)
  7. Nice application! Good luck and enjoy your time here
  8. The white on the map is boring and hard to see the edges of things. I'd recommend replacing it with the old texture from V1. Spawn too big in my opinion Add a slide texture at the end ramp before endrooms When going through the map I sometimes ran across the angled ladder where when I didn't bounce off high enough I was pushed off, I don't know if it's meant to be like that. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=777682269
  9. There's a locked endroom? Maybe make that more of a easy bounce room or racing on a parcours
  10. can you release separate download files, I can't be there unfortunately but I'd like to play it
  11. CACHE <3 I actually like that it is played more, and they should bring the old nuke back. I still think you should keep a rotation and have a kind of voting system triggered by a command to vote to change the map.
  12. Add me on steam if you want to play csgo with me, I'm MG2
  13. error channel_maxfamily reached gives it for everyone, and next to that some users can't connect to some lobbies wich I can, while they should be able to (no password lobbies, and not for admins or members)
  14. This definetly gave me a big smile on my face :D thanks to all of you
  15. normal users can not connect to seperate lobbies, friends of mine cant join counter terrorists or terrorists, only afk, music, lobby and lobby 2
  16. Tinkerbell! Welcome here and good luck!
  17. I can help someone set them up who can actually edit the files.
  18. It is a bomb plant situation where one team must defend the bomb, and one should try to retake the bomb site and to defuse the bomb. Very fun in my opinion:D
  19. Hey all, As most of you know, I've been a little inactive on COD4 and enjoying CS:GO with my dutch friends. Lately I also started playing retake, wich is a very poopular mod on CS:GO. People use it to practice for Matchmaking and warm-up. There are already a lot of them, but at popular times most of them are full. We have 5 competitive servers, but I dont think there is a retake inbetween them. Let me know what you think! SmoG
  20. Very cool game, in my opinion is maybe even better than the Battlefield series even though it is less known. I do not play this game for the simple reason my PC will blow up when starting it up. I run 60FPS on dust2 CS:GO lowest settings (everything) So when I win a DLore and buy a gamepc YES PLEASE, but untill than a gamepc is just not in my reach. This does not stop me to vote yes, because in my opinion we should expand more to other games and if we can not host a server at least create a forum where people can meet to play or something like that. This is very good for CS:GO because peop
  21. Well, good luck doge ;) In every world there are rotten people, you just gotta make sure you are not one of them and dont get in touch with them....
  22. Happy birthday! Have a very nice day with your wife and the small ones ;)
  23. Happy birthday mysta! Now you can officially call yourself grown up ;)
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