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  1. Nickname(s) In-game : SlyOkami Real name (optional) : Kurt Age : Mid twenties Location (country) : Malta Steam ID : 76561198043232913 Discord ID : SlyOkami#0815 Games that you play on : Apex Legends, Ark Survival Evolved, Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate: Daemon Hunters, Rimworld, Path of Exile, Which nN server(s) are you playing on ? : Fjordur PVE Omega server How many hours do you play on our servers in average ? : Uh, I dont keep track
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    Long time survival game player here, looking to join as your Omega Ark server is the only one with any sort of activity and I really would like to play with mod without the insane load time of singleplayer. As for myself, I'm a dude in my mid twenties from central europe, going to the last few years of art college. I play mostly multiplayer survival, FPSs, MMORPGs, RTSs and previously MOBAs though I've lost interest in those. Looking forward to chat o/
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