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  1. I understand that those 2 kills can be suspicious but they are basic place to preshot. The 1st one probably surprised me because i missed next shot. The second kill is spoted by UAV; and there if u want to preshot down the stair u can jump on the destructed wall to have the right angle. I would understand the bann if i was doing things like that the whole time but on the evidence is 30 of a 3m30 video..
  2. For everything in the 1st minute can be explain by the UAV at 1:15 it was the only preshot i can realy do, can expose more myself with the airstrike at 1:50 and 2:00, if i had the excat position i would have hit and kill them, i was just having a UAV and for the end of the video, i tried lots of preshot but none of those hit something. (not that lucky) at 2:50 i dn't realise that my teamate killed the guy near the closet at 2:46 il a preshot for the entry and at 2:47 it s a preshot for the top of the stairs barely every wall on this map can be shot throught.
  3. Hi guys, --------------------------------------------------------- Your GUID : 2310346614717604513 (i think it's that, it was noted on the bann) Nickname when you were banned : /!\ Nevermore /!\ Admin who banned you : System/Rcon ? (that was something like Lucy or else that call me but i was banned 2 days after) Why you were banned : WallHack Why you think this ban should be lifted : Because i'm not using Wallhack. I play this game since 2008 before having it on steam (~300hour of play now). I'm playing all the time on crossfire and i know every inch of this map and all of the presh
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