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  1. dude i dont play seriously like i do in these clips most of the time the server has too many lmg campers or tubes they make it impossible to even move sometimes ofc i dont get good k/d ratio all the time and you know that
  2. im gonna give you a raw footage which has more precise shots than this one believe me i know its sus but i spent a lot of time wallbanging in that map and i was an admin in a clan called RpG which had crossfire map so basically i spent 13 hours on that map me and my clanmates used to find lots of wallbang spots for this purpose and trust me alot of these shots you see are nothing because i had a thumb injury that day
  3. and, crossfire is the kind of map you can almost wallbang at every spot they are noobs easily preditable as well it was not hard to wallbang them and mind you you do see me shooting thru walls time to time but doesnt hit anyone cuz i have a hunch that the enemy will be there after killing me or using uav
  4. so what? i prefire all the time plus i screenshare when i play if you want i can make those same shots while screensharing not to mention that i've spent three years on the map crossfire wallbanging i suck at other maps
  5. GUID: 2310346616814089501 Nickname: Flaw Admin: centauri Ban reason: Wallhack i was not hacking, yes my shots often suspicious i agree but, i use uav and shoot thru walls if you have proof that i was hacking? its all good
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