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  1. In spectator mode, you can't see whether the UAV is working or not. I don't remember if it was working at the time, or if it was visible on the radar of that player. But I often shoot at the points from which I was killed before (I was killed at the 23rd second from that point, well, or so it seemed to me). It doesn't matter that there was already another player - the situation in the game changes very quickly. In addition, I often shoot without seeing the enemy, intuitively, guided by sounds, tracers, location and behavior of other players.
  2. Call911, I understand this, but I don't agree that these are perfect snaps.
  3. The video shows that I know where to shoot. I shoot a lot for prevention and sometimes get hit. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I hit it right on the first try. Wallbanging #2
  4. Ok, I recorded wallbanging video. Maybe this will dispel doubts.
  5. "00.16 - 00.18" - I know where to shoot (for 10 years of playing). "00.38-40" - I don't know what you're talking about. When the video's fps is low, it is difficult to judge auto-tracking.
  6. Your GUID : 2310346615899730656 Nickname when you were banned : tigrojop Admin who banned you : System/Rcon Why you were banned : Aimbot Why you think this ban should be lifted : I don't use aimbot and other hacks Server Name: nN| Crossfire TDM HC Server IP:
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