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  1. "That silver shines when a man stand in victory That crimson blinds from the fires of our history That black aligns all the beauty and the misery Crimson and that silver can shed light on black's mystery"
  2. hmm.... workday, heyday, payday
  3. maybe: birthday, everyday, doomsday : D
  4. oh bab-baby yeah! way down we go . . .
  5. its apache basic authentication of HTTP users i believe noname.zone/admin shouldnt be public like it is now, the main motive of using HTTP level auth is to prevent attackers from getting access to admin-cp on zero-day vulnerabilities[in other words bugs which are not documented and thus not fixed by IPS developers]. its common practice among Wordpress & IPS admins. how to set it up? how it works? pretty straightforward, just google ps. as it has nothing to do with what are u running on apache, u can restrict noname.zone/admin to particular RA/HA as well
  6. Your GUID : Nickname when you were banned : Z Z Z Dillion Bollars Admin who banned you : maybe qbd Why you were banned : Why you think this ban should be lifted :
  7. Harry Houdini, is undoubtedly the most famous magician ever to live. Houdini's death was caused by a student, Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead, who repeatedly struck Houdini's abdomen in dressing room. Whitehead asked Houdini "if he believed in the miracles of the Bible" and "whether it was true that punches in the stomach did not hurt him". Houdini offered a casual reply that his stomach could endure a lot. Whitehead then delivered "some very hammer-like blows below the belt". His life was interesting one. He did things that are impossible for 2-3 pound brains while facing immense resistance. Tod
  8. G-CPU: I lack firm knowledge about mentions, other people will guide you best. Money: Purchase from Black/Flea markets if theres any in your country(I can write more on that) Prices: Assumptions based on "Ceteris Paribus" doesn't worth a shot here. Moreover, a big change isn't common but xmas/new year sales are :D
  9. Just checked that 10700k is $187 cheaper(place where i live) giving away some performance difference. Now its my study time. cya
  10. "yez u already hv a screen" :D Golden rule: "Choose right, hold tight" All aces dude! congratulations on your new build.
  11. Hi there Dettie! No doubt, given your budget you can get a killer setup no matter what you buy, the point here is to just give comments. Monitor: Choice of components depends more or less on your choice of monitor/resolution. And first you have to make a clear decision about your monitor then it would be much easy for you. So few points you can consider in your mind: If you play games only, then theres no need to go above 1080p and definitely a high refresh rate monitor is a must in this budget(Personal view, not suggesting anything)After this covid-era chances are that most of the work th
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