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  1. Happy Birthday owoisop!

  2. Happy Birthday owoisop!

  3. owoisop


    nN Server Admin serves players making a game safe on nN servers, and server player has his right to be dissatisfied by your service, if it's done wrong. In good places serving side always apologizes for inconvenience, but not nN. Instead you're being arrogant and call me a keyboard warrior. Shame on you. I'm patiently waiting, thank you.
  4. owoisop


    >Your own video can't be used as proof here It can be, because it's the footage before i got banned. >you should respect people About which "people" you're talking about? I thought I only touched that rookie which ruined my fun. Talk nicely.
  5. owoisop


    Your GUID : sorry, I don't know how to find it. Nickname when you were banned : owoisop Admin who banned you : Brasil66 Why you were banned : Aimbot Why you think this ban should be lifted : because admin clearly doesn't know much about cheats, put him on trial or smth.
  6. Happy Birthday owoisop!

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