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  1. Can't think of any other game to put on this list.

    1. Cod 4 MW

    This game introduced me to :zone: and can't put a price on that. Before this game , i didnt even know we could play games with other people over the internet.

    2. Rocket league 

    I mean who even of thought of this game, playing soccer with cars xD. Its the only game i have been playing now a days. 

    3. Gta Sanandreas

    Besides all the memes, Had a lot of fun playing multiplayer.

    4. Apex legends

    Such a unique game. The gameplay, art style is different from other fps games. Sad to see, bad servers and bugs made this game go down the drain.


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  2. ok so it randomly hit me that it might be the netlimiter that i use to limit my speed sometimes, 

    havent used it for a week, last time i used it i limited my speed to 400kbps, then i closed it .

    I thought that after closing the software the limit will be turned off,

    i opened the software today and the limit was one , ,maybe some service was still running even after the software was closed.

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  3. Hey guys,


    Its been like a week, my pc is not getting more than 3-3.5mbps down and upload is also cut by 30%.

    I have check the ethernet cable on other device and it works fine , i have also tried a different ethernet cable on my pc and the same issue. Which means the issue is in my pc.

    I googled but i couldn't find anything.

    I have tried "Network reset" also uninstalled and let windows reinstall my adapter drivers.

    any suggestions?

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