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  1. Happy Birthday K100!

  2. Happy Birthday K100!

  3. Happy Birthday K100!

  4. Happy Birthday K100!

  5. Happy Birthday K100!

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    Hey I'm K100 and I like your servers very much I think they are fun. And I don't know what to write else so I'm going to write some random stuff :D! I like computer games very much and I have been installing minecraft servers for 3 months And I hope we all have a great time! Bye!!
  7. Nickname(s) In-game : K100 Real name (optional) : Marko Age : 14 Location (country) : Croatia Steam/Skype/Raptr : Steam is CaptainK100 skype is facebook:marko-petrusic Raptr currently not using it! Games that you play on : I mostly play Call of Duty 4 and Minecraft Which nN| server(s) are you playing on ? : I will be playing on most of the servers GUID (only last 8-digit) : 776b1b13 STEAM_ID : I will get Steam soon enough. How many hours do you play on our servers in average ? : Well I will be playing 2-3 hours usually but now I've got a lot of exams so I have to study but I will be
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