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  1. It took me sometime to figure out how to animate sprites and for the texture atlas or the platforms I really had hard time with them. Also, I think of games as a bundle of thousands of if conditions.
  2. I've just created my first game using JavaScript, It's is a requested project by my online programming school but this is not the one I am going to submit :D I was just playing around :D Here is the live demo: https://raw.githack.com/AbdelrhmanAmin/First-Game/main/part1.html If you are suspicious about the link here is the repository on github, Just download and open part1.html https://github.com/AbdelrhmanAmin/First-Game
  3. If you are using PC you can look at the reply options you will find an icon "GIF". JJ next?
  4. I ban @JillyJill because she didn't notice that my question was an indirectly negative one to the prior question. Did you know that Marco polo didn't introduce pasta to Italy from China?
  5. I ban @Hardwire because he doesn't know the game very well, You should ban the person above you not randomly.
  6. My mother figure is Chinese, I think if I don't...She will cut my head off :D Can you stay happy for a day?
  7. I hate soda. I hate unhealthy stuff. Eat your veggies, Go vegan! Can you meditate for an hour?
  8. I ban @JillyJill. Yes. That's it. No reason.
  9. I ban JillyJill because I am master of deception
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