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  1. i saw you Mr ARI ;) Come to me to tell about you ^^

  2. Hey guys Who knows what's up with the ark server

  3. miss u all ,sadly Life does not go as you like , i'm still waiting my destiny

    1. Substanz


      better times are coming ♥

    2. JillyJill


      ari! stay strong, nN with you

  4. this life is like lottery u dont get what u want , life was never justice

    1. Substanz


      stay strong buddy ! you have all my support ♥

  5. something is missing !! idk what !! missing u all !! :(

    1. Substanz


      need you too asap ♥

  6. wlc to Nn and good luck for ur apply
  7. Lonely lead me to darkness, at same time to freedom!

    1. Substanz


      keep the light on aim and follow it


  8. Hello and welcome to nN well glad to see u here if u have any question dont hesitate to ask or PM im also shy a bit but in nN u should break that rule we are all family welcome again .
  9. well i get enough information about modding if u have any question dont hesitate ask me ican help as ican
  10. Happy Birthday mr feldi wish u all the best ,lets do it
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