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    RotU, sleeping, cRPG
  1. Happy Birthday tony!

  2. Happy Birthday tony!

  3. Happy Birthday tony!

  4. Happy Birthday tony!

    1. tony


      thank you very much! :)

  5. Hello there, RotU maybe?:)
  6. Happy Birthday tony!

    1. Tino


      Happy birthday tony, have a good day :)

  7. THere are still too many zombies!:P Hehehe and those newbies who run out of cash for ammo ;-]
  8. Thank you very much! And how about turrets, 5 per person, leading ppl buy them and newbies cant have good guns couse of it. Like engineer places 5 enhanced turrets over 4 spawns and takes points which he doesnt need anyway:P
  9. Tony is very old and cant play good, still i try to do my best in rotu, my game nick is surginstrain.Oh and i will have many requests about rotu, poor admins;d
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