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  1. Nickname(s) In-game : SteelCojones and Slappy, Wombat, Walhalla, KungFruit Real name (optional) : Jens (nickname Jenne) Age : 46 Location (country) : Oranienburg (Germany) Steam/Skype/Raptr : Schippe Games that you play on : COD4, Resident Evil Which nN| server(s) are you playing on ? : only noname.zone server (almost all maps that are offered) GUID (only last 8-digit) : ec02be7e STEAM_ID : How many hours do you play on our servers in average ? : up to 3 hours dayly Why do you want to join us ? : great server. Because it is a neat and great mates! Why should we acc
  2. Hello forum, hello mates now i ghosts already a while here in the forum and on the server around, so i think i introduce myself! Rather late than nothing (we say in Germany)! My name is Jens (my nickname is Jenne), i am 46 years old and i come from Oranienburg (Germany). I am married and have a 16 years old son. My hobbys are cycling, running, real shooting sport (static and IPSC).....and a little bit online gaming Sry for my english, it is not the best, but with 46 years i can still learn more noname.zone i find really good, the members and admins here are really great.......very we
  3. Official announcement trailer has been released! Realistic locations in different weather conditions, many cars and well designed tracks, watch now:
  4. Some screenshots from beta version of the game Menu, crafting, ammo: Location, low quality of graphics
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  5. New Video: Basic Tactics Guide
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