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#44016 Mr & Mrs Voodoo

Posted by Batman on 19 December 2018 - 01:42 AM

No way… I can’t believe I’m late to the party on this one!
Firstly, huuuuge Congratulations to you both, this has been a long time in the making! 
I’m so pleased it worked out for you both, you look so happy together. May you enjoy a long and happy life together.
Actually pinching myself right now.
It’s a shame were not all around as much anymore, really miss the good ol’days with you guys.
Much love and best wishes for the future.
an old friend.


ps. presume the invite got lost in the mail ;)

#42058 Insurgency is free on steam

Posted by Batman on 14 August 2018 - 09:27 PM

Definitely worth getting!

Plenty of time to get some practice in ahead of the new Insurgency: Sandstorm coming out next month!

#41914 Sports cycling

Posted by Batman on 06 August 2018 - 11:18 PM

Now i'm no expert but i'm a keen cyclist nonetheless.

A lot of this comes down to personal preference, ha easy to say, there endeth the advice......


I have progressed through the various stages of cycling and choosing a new bike each time involved a few months of searching, visiting stores and testing them to get the right one. To which end my latest bike, is a carbon fibre road bike which is light to the point where you can pick it up with one finger! I don't recommend jumping straight to road/racing bikes though.


For a start it depends what surfaces you are intending to cycle on: /roads/paths/dirt tracks/rough terrain.

As Ned is fairly flat I imagine mountain bikes are out of the question???!!!


For beginners Hybrids can be a good start, gives you good speed on the flat and the tyres & overall design can be more suitable/forgiving for dirt paths. Best of both worlds city and country. this would be my recommendation straight away. I still hang on to my old Hybrid as it's a great all-rounder.


Suspension/No Suspension?

Again depending on your surface, If its mainly flat i'd avoid. They add unnecessary weight slowing you down. I've not had suspension for years, this has been firstly counteracted by purchasing a gel seat (v.comfortable) and also by simply looking ahead, I know simple right?



A standard double is usually the preferred choice for racing. Thats 2 Front chainrings and 10/11 to the rear.

The front derailleur can be the week link in most bikes, if not tuned properly the chain endlessly comes off when changing the front  (high/med/low) chainrings. Most typically have 3 front.


Disc Brakes are a must!


Here in the UK it's the new midlife crisis as supposed to playing golf, therefore the prices here have increased significantly. I wouldn't reccommened spending over £150-200 on your first sports/road bike. If you can buy it from smaller independent shops, rather than larger chains you'll get a better servcie and Fit. 


Fit does really matter! This is by far the most important aspect. as you move into the sport bike category they're almost tailored/based on your size. Mainly your leg/height dimensions need to be accounted for. A quick google will tell you most things, too long to explain. a proper fitting bike is imperative as you can do yourself more harm than good to your knees and muscles if it's wrong. Going independent they'll know exactly what they're talking about, plus things like aftercare servicing/repairs/tedious questions they'll be more than accommodating. I'd recommend you buy one pre-built or pay extra for them to build if for you, unless you like DIY?


Don't expect to be keeping up with the Tour de France crowd immediately, as Scrappy says, try building your stamina. a few miles a night (2-5miles) for a week or two. Your bottom will hurt in the beginning as you're not used to the position and constant pummelling, you build up a tolerance after a while. Then increase to 10miles a day and go from there. It'l get easier


When time allowed I could fit in 20miles in an evening, daily. This meant tacking the longer Sportive's far easier 50/75/100 seem a doddle!


I may have digressed slightly whilst writing this, hope it helps!



And lastly NO I don't not own any lycra shorts, I have and will continue to resist!


#41135 England vs Belgium in a nutshell

Posted by Batman on 29 June 2018 - 10:08 PM

It was that bad... I was asleep on the sofa for the 1st Half!!

#40920 Happy birthday, PiNK!

Posted by Batman on 19 June 2018 - 08:30 PM

Happy Birthday PiNK!!!


Have a lovely day.

Best wishes.




Ps. Say Hi to Voodoo for me, miss you guys :)

#39212 Guess who posts next

Posted by Batman on 04 March 2018 - 12:26 AM

No more a stranger than I !!!



#35351 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds desert map will be huge after all

Posted by Batman on 12 September 2017 - 09:16 PM



I admit to playing this quite a lot during my spare time. Whenever that is, ha!


I would highly recommend , so YES buy it. Bare in mind it's still at early release so is not the finished article yet. Plenty more improvements on the horizon, included improved player movement mechanics, different maps and even cross platform.


You can play solo, duo or in a Squad, with either complete strangers or with your steam friends.


There are custom Servers you can create so feasibly you could have 50vs50 Nn| Members and friends too ;)

#33401 Player Unknown's - Battlegrounds

Posted by Batman on 29 May 2017 - 10:26 PM

Batman! Long time indeed mate, how have you been? It's good to see you again. :) I have had my eye on this game for a while now, but I heard it had poor optimizations and quite a few bugs, but that's pretty much every early access game haha. I'll probably get it on the next big sale. That's a sick rig you got by the way!! What kind of 1080 do you have?? I'm rocking an asus gtx 1070, 6700k with 16 gb g.skill ram.


Hey Bennoo, nice to see you too.

I've been busy with work. Not really had much time off. Other than that doing great.
Hope all is well with you, what you up to these days?
Yep, the bugs are still present but it's a marked improvement as the weeks and updates go by. There can be some lag/sync issues, for example opening/closing doors can be difficult. Hopefully by full release most of these will be ironed out. For info, the EU server is based in the Netherlands.
Yep the new machine is a beast! The processor isn't the best for gaming when you do comparisons but more useful for my 3D modelling, rendering and design work. I'll open up the rig and have a look inside ^^ from memory it's 1080 - 8GB GDDR5.

All the critics i have read says the best about this game so im definetly gonna get it when a big sale comes.


Hi Run... do I know u?....haha that may me laugh on steam :P

Yep wait for the sale by that time the game should be polished off.



I played this game for a month now. It's laggy as duck but what a great game !

You can buy it without hesitation. And on steam you've the 2h/14days rule if you want to get refunded. You will directly see if you like it or not.


BATMAN !! Nice to see you again mate !


ACEA!!!! My padawan, banning legend ^^  Good to see you there!

Yes the lag, just looting can be tricky. Nice to see a fellow player, i'll defo look out for you.

Many Chicken Dinners?



#33383 Player Unknown's - Battlegrounds

Posted by Batman on 29 May 2017 - 01:24 AM

Hey all,

Long time no see ^^
During my absence I've discovered this gem of a game!  I've been playing this since BETA. It's now in early access on Steam, available for £26.99. Worth every penny btw.
Posted Image


Player Unknown's - Battle Grounds (PUBG) is a Battle Royale originating from the creator of the Battle Royale game-mode in the ARMA series. Who went on to license his game-mode to Sony Online Entertainment for H1Z1. It’s DayZ at a faster pace, 




The premise of the game is as follows:


100 players are parachuted into a remote island around 8km x 8km, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Or in some cases no clothes at all, as you can customise your characters profile. 

Posted Image


Players enter a last-man-standing battle where they try to loot and locate weapons, vehicles and supplies in a graphically and tactically rich battleground containing abandoned towns, factories, and military bases. Those still standing are forced into ever-closer proximity within the confines of a deadly, ever-shrinking force-field, as they engage in a fight to the death. For the ultimate prize.......................... a Chicken Dinner? 


Character Accessories:

Posted Image


3 Tiers of items. Different levels of helmets, armour and backpacks as shown above. Helmets and vests reduce damages to head and upper body, respectively, and backpacks will provide more space so players can carry more items



Posted Image


Total of 17 different types of weapons: two pistols, one revolver, a classic pump-action shotgun, a double-barrel shotgun, a semi-automatic shotgun, four types of assault rifles, three SMGs, a LMG, and three sniper rifles. More have since been realised during the weekly/fortnightly updates.


These can be modified with a variety of attachments/ such as compensators, suppressors, scopes, foregrips, extended magazines etc. If you're lucky enough to find silencers then you're on to a winner, winner chicken dinner!


Players will be able to loot most of these weapons from the map, except for some of the more powerful ones, which will only be available from care-package drops during the rounds. Be warned, players will drive round chasing after these and often bait them. Waiting for others like a moth the flame, helplessly attracted to the promise of top notch loot only to be picked off.  


Player Inventory/menu:

Posted Image


Oh did i mention an anti-camping device. Well the game detects when there is a large concentration of players and a bombing area is created. In the hope of flushing them out or killing off a few in the process. A deadly shrinking force field consistently compels players into the center of the play arena


Posted Image


Rounds can usually last around 30mins a time, that is however dependent on how good you are.

If not so good you'll die within the first 2 mins. You begin with nothing but your bare fists to fight with, the tension mounts during the descent as you get a good look at the swarm of players in your vicinity. Things really pick up the moment you hit the ground, as everybody scrambles for weapons and gear and the killing begins right from the get-go. Failing to find a weapon in the opening minutes is often a death sentence. 


Posted Image

There are 2 weather dynamics-  clear and sunny or thunder and rain. They are automatically generated. I'm hoping for a snow mod with camouflage and where breathing heavily with condensation from your breath giving your position away.



Posted Image

You can play solo, due or squads (4 person) teaming up with your steam friends or being part of a random group. Callout and co-operation are the key to survival in either scenario.


Headphones are a must!!! Makes locating shots and players footsteps when they enter your building so, so easy. Be warned it can be quiet too quiet with periods of terrifying solitude.... then BOOM, one shot scares the living daylights out of you and 9/10 times you're dead! You learn how to check for traces of other players - open doors; a weapon on the floor, but no ammo; a fallen player’s loot crate. Or something more obvious: movement in a window or the sound of a distant vehicle.


Posted Image

Style of play varies, some like moving slowly along the borders to pick off stragglers as they rush into the open to avoid the oncoming barrier, or even hide in a building until you absolutely have to move, letting everyone else kill each other so you don’t have to. An aggressive approach is just as viable as a cautious defense, and the practicality of both play styles is liberating, bringing new sets of challenges to each round. Personally towards the end it's all about position, if you can find a good spot or building to hide/camp in the closing circle, you'll do well.



Currently NA/EU/AS/OC/SA

Custom Servers also available, however I've not tried yet.

There is talk of more server support and dedicated ones but as the game is still in Early Access it's a working progress.


Posted Image



Mod support is encouraged. The developers are keen to promote this, players will have the full use of assets and can create their own content for inclusion in their mods, using the Unreal Engine devkit.


Currently there's a zombie mod on test. 




Posted Image

Not wanting to boast but my current ranking in the solo EU Server is/was sub 1000, which tbh for me is amazing! Hoping for a top10 ^^


Lastly equip your self with the PAN!!! It will save your life by deflecting the odd bullet. Yes a frying pan can save your life.

"I am one with the Pan and the Pan is with me, I am one with the Pan and the Pan is with me, "





It's the most brilliant yet frustrating game at the same time. Players can spend ages acquiring great loot and in an instant over without even utilising it. This makes for it's totally addictive facet and you'll analyse every minute, every decision and what could of been.


PUBG gets your heart racing, one moment you can be calming running through the woods or looting a building then .....BOOM your dead! The tension at times is unbearable, taking cover behind a tree wondering who will blink or peak first. Making it to the top 10 in a round is a great achievement and not done easily. Hours of perseverance and you'll be rewarded.


Playing with the graphic settings on Ultra makes for a fully immersive and spectacular experience to to say the least. The scenery, content and detail is unbelievable. 


Now I won't tell a lie, like all early access games it has it's teething problems from minor items like no leaderboards, to the extreme no access. Persevere with it if it happens to you. 


Overall, it’s a relatively smooth experience, especially when compared to most early access games. The gameplay is now is strong enough to stand on it's own. I’d love to see additional features in the final version - including custom servers, new maps, and a separate practice range for getting accustomed to individual guns. Although there is a 1/2min warm up whilst you wait for the server to populate with 100 players. It took me a while until I could actually down players. 


It is by far the best game of the year by a country mile for me! I would whole heartedly recommend you guys give it a go.


Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll see some of you on the plane soon.

Steam - Rinzler87



Now you might be thinking.... Batman has a mac, how can he play this?

Well I've rejoined the dark side of PC. My collection of Mac's is still here and not going anywhere.


My New set up



#32451 Post random pictures

Posted by Batman on 25 March 2017 - 12:43 PM

Found a friend hanging out in Bedford UK.





Wow I've never looked so good :P


Time hasn't been too kind.

#30833 Post random pictures

Posted by Batman on 30 October 2016 - 04:25 PM

#Brexit - plummeting pound !


 Posted Image Posted Image

#30718 Post random pictures

Posted by Batman on 21 October 2016 - 10:14 PM

Oh Windows.... how I miss you so! Haha 



Posted Image



#30189 For Honor

Posted by Batman on 26 August 2016 - 11:00 PM

Got to love the Samurai !

#30188 Which games are you looking/waiting for ?

Posted by Batman on 26 August 2016 - 10:58 PM

Escape from Tarkov

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
battalion 1944/Days of war
Transport Fever, F1 and many others besides
Now if I only had a machine to play them on!

#29164 Post random pictures

Posted by Batman on 28 June 2016 - 10:13 PM

Haha! I'd blame the planning dept.  :shout:


In my professional* opinion:

".....an architectural masterpiece I'm sure. Sitting 'well' within it's context. A definite clean break between the two contrasting styles......."



If WE design it, they will come!