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Inscrit(e) (le) 11 fvr. 2016
Déconnecté Dernière activité aujourd’hui, 08:17
Vad skall det bli av vår höga nord, när hungern river svårt? Hör mig ni söner av frusen jord! Jaga vilt, jaga hårt. (What shall become of our high north, when the hunger tea... Mis à jour le 19 juin · 3 commentaire(s)

À propos de moi

Heralds of the coming doom,

By cry of raven we are drawn.


This oath of war and vengeance,

On balde of exalted iron sworn.


With blood-anointed swords aloft,

Advance we into dreads dark shade.


Punishment divine unleashed with hate,

A wrathful storm of bolt and blade.


Purge with plasma, fist and shell,

Bring cleansing fire's righteous breath.


For the Emperor, Knights of Caliban,

The Lion's anointed Angels of Death!


No forgiveness! No retreat!

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