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Ali Zien

Ali Zien

Member Since 28 Jan 2016
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Ali ZienNomad

cheeki breeki
Apr 16 2018 10:29 AM
  • Nomad's Photo
    It's from russian counting rhyme:
    - Cheeki breeki - where are you going?
    - Cheeki breeki - to the bazaar!
    - Cheeki breeki - why?
    - Cheeki breeki - for oats.
    - Cheeki breeki - to whom?
    - Cheeki breeki - to the horse!
    - Cheeki breeki - which?
    - Cheeki breeki - black.
    Apr 16 2018 11:01 AM

Ali Zien

a good example of laziness: I come here everyday to tell substanz something,then when he is online I say: meh lets text him another day.
Apr 12 2018 03:44 PM
  • Substanz's Photo
    hahaha, it's always a pleasure to share with you ^^
    Apr 12 2018 03:52 PM
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    Lazines born genius)
    Apr 13 2018 07:56 PM

SubstanzAli Zien

Happy Birthday Ali Zien!
Jan 28 2018 09:51 AM
  • Ali Zien's Photo
    Ali Zien
    must be bot,right :D ?
    Jan 28 2018 12:04 PM