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Unban Request

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Your GUID : 2310346616170666302 (Posting again)

Nickname when you were banned: Seek Person
An admin who banned you: I don't remember since its 9 months
Why you were banned: Wallhack
Why you think this ban should be lifted:  
 after 8 months somehow I got my pc back and I pledge a request for unbanning, and I admitted it too I used wallhack. at that time I was a noob. don't know actually what the hell I was up to but I regret that .and still you guys don't trust a person who dares to request for unbanning even admitting it and give you an assurance that never will use it again on a server ! and still what I get in reply (rude reply) we don't accept cheaters. man seriously? if someone comes to me and assure me about he won't use wallhack again I must have unbanned him. could give another chance to prove at least. by the way, I know this isn't gonna convince you guys. but if possible try to understand me! 





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First off, I need to tell you two things that you already are aware of.

1) A ban appeal must be made within 30 days of the time the ban was issued.
2) Proven cheaters are not unbanned here.

So, this thread is irrelevant. And you know this.

Everything's said I believe, let's leave it up to the Reds.



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Not much to add after stelthii's answer.


You've been taken by our patrol with clear video evidences and admitted having cheated !


Cheaters are not welcome here and won't ever.


Dignity has no price that's why thinking before acting gets a sense....




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