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using bugs on nuketown

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this guy used bugs on nuketown to get on roof. he used his friend which was in enemy team. and he killed us all from roof soo...

i hope u guys know how to add block and fixing bugs etc... otherwise this post is useless 





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Hey there.


Needless to say that is obviously against the nN rules: Rule #0 : No Hack/Cheat/Script/Scrollfire/Nade Switching/Glitch/Jump (excluding CJ and DR)

I'm pretty sure we can't "patch" spots like that out of the map by default, but what we can do as community is enforce our rules. Therefore, I'll tempban this guy for 1 day and we'll see if he continues.
For any cases like these and other forms of rulebreaking, you should navigate over to our "Courthouse" subforum and create a Ban Request there. We'll take care of the rest! ;)
Anyway, thank you for the report and letting us know of this issue. We'll keep an eye!

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