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I got banned !

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Your GUID :inko.

Nickname when you were banned :inko.
Admin who banned you :idk
Why you were banned :wallhack
Why you think this ban should be lifted :because i wasnt using wallhack ,and im sure admin dont have a ss




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You were banned by Lucifer.

Please be patient and Lucifer will present his evidence as soon as he can.




Some say TheLegend27 was born from fire.
TheLegend27 can hurl a boulder farther than a catapult.
I heard TheLegend27 once defeated an entire army with a single blow.
But the worst part is, just when you think you’re safe, just when you think you might escape… WHAM!!!



    Very Angry Pudding

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How can you be sure that admins have no screenshot of you? Is it because you have ss blocker so you know we can't ss your screen and present screenshot as proof? Enlighten me please and correct me if I'm wrong, because that's the only logical explanation I could think of. And by having ss blocker you have something to hide, no?




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Sorry for Delays


1:19 : how instantly changed the scope (sounds maybe but not normal)

2:01 : got kill as he knew player came at the  back

2:34: Going down and a kill there?


Maybe Pro enough and good sound skills but weren't obvious to me.

Sorry if..


Rest nN leading staffs.




    nN| Inspired

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First two kills could be performed because of the good sound, third one seems like a coincidence


At the same time, he is missing an enemy on 3:00 while planting the bomb




Sorry for the inconvenience inkonnuu, you can join our servers again

2221	Unban	The permanent ban (#27479) has been deactivated	Wed, 07/03/18 (14:40)	JillyJill



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