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I will start this topic with saying im not camper hater and i do believe it's part of game and that actually have positive thing for our server (we could use auto camp protection but we didn't) we could use auto protection for whole rules in our server but we didn't..and that good in my opinion,but there are few campers abuse from our freedom gave them and start to camp whole game with 2 lmg and game  gets unplayable and its annoying...even with kicking them over and over again they start camping again..they simply never learn lessons.

they are few annoying  camper i SUGGEST to kick them for permanent and get rid of all complain about camper in our crossfire server.


i know hackers are our first prioritize to cleaning and i love to report them but i don't have good pc and monitor with 144hz..mine is 60 :( otherwise i would play in nuketown and report them  once in 1H 4.gif 4.gif 4.gif


name of annoying campers:Scorpion=babiegirl=malikxxx=arti= i dont remember any other name, you guys can add to our list..thanks


Thanks for reading




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I know it's annoying but rules are rules. We can't ban permanently on just camping or no skill. That's their problem if they don't know how to play differently, they'll get warned and warned because the rules state so.


Your suggestion is off the table. You can't let your rage cloud your judgement.




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Suggesting to ban(kick for good) is supposed to be done in the banreq section.


I recognize the names, i feel your frustration but rules are rules.

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Some years ago I played on a server with a particular caper protection.


When a player was in the same spot for 5 second he bacame visible on the minimap with a red dot and server start spamming on his screen a message, like this: "camping is not allowed, move, you are a red dot on the minimap"


I know it's impossible enable something like thath on an HC server especially in cross with at least 30 players, but we can take inspiration from this experience.


Anyway permaban for camping is not a possible way to stop this kind of playing, the right punishment is far from an abusive punishment, is like fighting noob manners or abusive manners with more abusive or "violent" manner.


that's my humble opinion, campers will exist till competitive fps will exist, we can eliminate them just make the game better for the player who play in fair way.



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my suggestion for campers and rushers there should be an option to choose from for e.g 

if you wanted to camp you would choose the option and only spawn with a sniper rifle 

and rushes could choose any gun except for sniper and LMG's lol I hate the rpd campers

so if they camp with automatic gun they would get a auto warn and then a kick instead of a admin having to come to the server 

PROBLEM SOLVED WIN WIN admin would have time for there self 



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