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Im sorry

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Your GUID :2310346616178289914

Nickname when you were banned :mijauu
Admin who banned you :System/Rcon
Why you were banned :probably language
Why you think this ban should be lifted :Ok,guys i playing this game a long long time and i never used any of hacks,cheats etc.This is first time that i got ban from some server and for what?language??Ok i made mistake and all i can say is sorry but...You need more admins on this server cuz there is few guys who always camping and ruin  the game and yes ,they making me(and not only me) mad and somtime i use inappropriate word.I know its not right but it wil not happen again.Sorry.pls unban me.Cheers!



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Acording to a scale of punishments i gave you ban for 1 day but it obv wasnt enought so you kept on swearing and screaming bad words to everyone,so its time for a week off.
I dont agree we need more admins everyone in here is doing great job and campers are not good reason for using bad language.
Wait for ban to expire and think about this,you have few days to take care of your mistakes.




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Learn about how to behave on our servers.


The tempban will remain until 29/09.


Be aware that next time you will use bad words here you will deserve a 3 month vacation.



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