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Minecraft 1.15.1: The shop update (+known issues)

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Hello guys,
Since the relaunch of the Minecraft sever we've received some feedback that has now been implemented.
Below is a list of changes.

  • Shops are now available in-game. It allows players to buy/sell items to each other. The main currency is emeralds and the 'high currency' is diamonds. |
    You can decide for yourself whichever you want to ask for your items. Full page of plugin information: https://www.cursefor...ins/shopkeepers
  • Night skip is now available. At least 30% of the players must sleep to skip the night.
  • /ignoreclaims command is now available to Admins and above.
  • /tps command is now available. You can see the ticks per second of the server.

List of known issues:

  • Command completion doesn't always work.
  • Book explaining commands must given to new players manually be admin.
    Players should be able to access this themselves either by command and/or receiving it upon joining.
  • Player is not moved to User group after /register command.
  • Some /help pages are incomplete.

Thanks for your suggestions and we hope to see many more.



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